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A League of Its own!

Football is a passion, a way of life, a religion. It’s an all-engulfing game that has you on your toes, biting your nails the entire 90 minutes, wrapped up in the tension of hoping your team will score. It’s an indescribable experience, cheering for your team, singing the anthem you cherish, wearing the shirt of the team you have supported as long as you can remember…

In 2014, QNET securely marked its place in the sporting world with its historic move into the realm of football, the world’s most watched sport. QNET’s role as the Official Direct Selling Partner of Manchester City Football Club is to become one of its most high profile sports sponsorships ever.

With a display of dedication, sportsmanship and most importantly, teamwork, Manchester City Football Club successfully became the 2013/2014 Barclay’s Premier League Champion. The team’s journey to number one was of commitment, focus and team work – values that are also reflected in the direct selling industry; an industry that in order to succeed, you need to stay committed, focussed and be a team player. And more than just a sports team, Manchester City, through its proud history, has built a deep, lasting kinship with communities around the world, similar to the way QNET aims to make a difference in all the communities it touches.

A partnership with Manchester City will allow QNET to cement its brand on a global stage and catapult it to become a household name. QNET’s goal is to link the excitement of football and the passion of the fans to the thrill of direct selling and the drive of QNET’s Independent Representatives.

Explore our sub-site dedicated to the Manchester City Football Club Sponsorship! 


Putting Africa on the Map:

QNET sponsors Confederation of African Football (CAF) Championships

Nothing beats the adrenalin rush as you hear the sound of cheering crowds, the chorus of chants, and the thrill of watching your teams battle it out on the field. Celebrate your favourite sport with QNET as we become official sponsor of three major African club-league championships: The CAF Total Confederation Cup, the CAF Total Champions League, and the CAF Total Super Cup!

Yet another feather in QNET’s cap, the partnership will see QNET leave a lasting mark on the African continent and cements the commitment to the IRs and customers in Africa.

As the Official Direct Selling Partner of the three major competitions, QNET’s logo will be displayed during the games on the pitch-side and interview boards. An on-ground fanzone, viewing parties, all-expenses paid VIP trips to the finals and exclusive merchandise will be part of the treats the IRs can look forward to.